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NFL Back in the Coliseum is a Definite Maybe

The long awaited return of professional football to Los Angeles (not counting USC) got a step closer, as the Community Redevelopment Agency and LA City Council unanimously approved implementation of legislation that will help finance improvements to the area around the Coliseum.

"Wildly unpopular" Governor Schwarzenegger has already signed off on the legislation and now with City approval, the ball is officially in play. The legislation will help sweeten the pot for potential tenants to move into the Coliseum with road, sidewalk, utility and other improvements, but with a caveat that the historic Coliseum (site of the 1932 and '84 Olympics) remain intact, and any new structure be built within its hallowed walls.

The deal to put a team, either an expansion team or possibly the 49ers, Chargers or Raiders, in the Coliseum could be finalized at the upcoming league owners meeting October 25-27.

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