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Score One for the Straights

We'd heard the rumors, but couldn't bring ourselves to face the tragedy. Nevertheless, it's now a confirmed fact. Downtown's oldest gay bar, Score, has been converted to a straight hipster hangout. We're talking trucker hats and ironically-quaffed PBR. Blech.

Located on the ground floor of the tattered but venerable Barclay Hotel, Score has become Bar 107 (the inspired name deriving from the creatively-challenged bar's address). A vintage Olies Bait & Tackle Shop sign hints at the oh-so-clever Kutcherites to be found within. On a recent visit, was subjected to classic rock and Jackie Chan movies on the telly, as taxidermized deer heads were spotted wearing sunglasses. Oh, for the love of Judy, what have they done?!?!

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