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We're Going to Culver City!

The Skunks of Los Feliz blogs on the release of the Final Environmental Impact Report for the newest addition to the MTA's light rail transit network, the Expo Line. The grand visioning to connect downtown to the Westside and the ocean helped to accelerate the development of the Expo Line, unfortunately it fell a tad short of achieving its goal. That's right eastsiders, you're attempt to make it to the beach comes to a screeching halt in Culver City. It's almost like the beach, only about 5 miles inland.

The other alternative is to actually build where demand is greatest and where a connection to the beach makes economic sense - that would be under Wilshire Boulevard. If the tunnel builders can avoid the pockets of explosive methane so as not to blow up another Ross-Dress For Less, then we're all for waiting until the funding comes through to finish the Red Line. The last thing we need is another train to nowheresville.
· Metro's proposed Exposition Light Rail Line is ready for its close-up... [the skunks of los feliz]