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Roof Top Splish Splashers Transforming Downtown LA

Following the trend of polished cement floors, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and the crazy homeless dude living in the entryway, Downtown's newest must have is the rooftop pool.
In the midst of a building binge, downtown Los Angeles is about to usher in the era of the rooftop pool. As existing buildings are renovated into residential units and new facilities are built downtown, rooftops long reserved for the unmentionables of city life — air-conditioning units and elevator controls— are being transformed into urban oases, courtesy of designers' imaginations and Southern California's sunny climate. Pools are the sun-drenched stars of those oases. The Times points out that the Santee Lofts, The Medici and the Pacific Electric Lofts all now feature rooftop pools and future downtown developments have them on the drawing board. Developers responsible for creating the rooftop luxuries are relying on creative engineering to make sure the pools don't come crashing through the building - a three-foot deep end, perhaps?
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