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Pitfire Pizza Opens - But No Beer! Yet.

Making our way around Downtown LA yesterday we were happily surprised to finally see the Pitfire Pizza open and a crowd of people actually inside. And just today, PitfirePaul of said pizzeria emailed the NewDowntown listserv to give an update:

Well, we couldn't stall it any longer. The Pitfire has, humbly, opened it's doors for business. It is our intention to make the Pitfire available for the downtown community at night. We
need your support to accomplish this. Presently we are going to stay open seven days a week until ten pm. We'll see how it goes. It is our fervent wish to provide a place to hang in the evening for the community. Not just another place that closes it's doors at the end of the lunch rush. Our liquor license is about a month away. We will be offering pitchers of draft beer and a strong wine program to go with inexpensive comfort food and comfortable surroundings. Our patio is dog friendly and starting next week we will be delivering. Come in a say hello. Thanks a lot


In short order (within a month) we expect to see beer toting, pizza boys roaming the streets of LA on segways. The future is here, friends.

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