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Prefab Tropical House Makes it to LA

The UCLA Hammer Museum will be hosting the Jean Prouvé (link en francais) "Tropical House" in its courtyard for the next two months. Part of the show is the assembly and disassembly of the Tropical House, a testament to Prouvé's interest with economical and quick to assemble housing.
Prouvé designed the Tropical House in 1949 as a prototype for inexpensive, readily assembled housing that could be easily transported to France’s African colonies. Fabricated in Prouvé’s French workshops, the components for the house were completed in 1951 and were flown disassembled to Africa in the cargo hold of an airplane. The house was erected in the town of Brazzaville, Congo, where it remained for nearly 50 years. In 1999, the Tropical House was disassembled and shipped back to France for restoration. Prefab architecture enthusiasts and those interested in architecture in general might want to visit before the Tropical House is fully disassembled on November 27th.
· Jean Prouvé:A Tropical House [UCLA Hammer Museum]